How to play carom billiards? Carom billiards requires 2 people to begin playing.


Carom billiards is a sport game in which a cue stick is used to strike the cue ball and in turn, the stated cue ball strikes another two balls with one shot. It is a game where cue stick and three balls have been played at a rectangular wooden pocket table cushioned by a green fabric.

It began from the 18th century in France. Carom is hit and rebound, or ricochet, bounce and skip. Playing with carom billiards entails using an analytic and strategic method to win the sport

You’ll need a rectangular table that does not have any pocket inside because if it’s a pocket it will hinder the flow of the match as carom needs to bounce and rebound. Even if the match has not started yet you need to use your ability to determine who plays first.

To do that, the two players need to hit the ball to the other end of the table and when the balls rebound, the ball that is closest to the border of the table where it begins off is the first to play the game.

Each player needs a cue stick then 3 balls comprising of cue, place and object balls. Before the match starts, both players must come up with a rule both have agreed upon. After all is set, you can now start the game. Your body should remain still and just your arm goes back and forth.

Billiard has defeated the world for decades. And it goes well with the contemporary time too. Today, billiard is one of the most wanted live online gaming. Anybody from any place in the world can now play with one another and place wager money.